My mum had Type II Diabetes for more than 20 years. She suffered and suffered many complications and died finally. The followings are valuable experience and lessons learned in managing diabetes:

Excess sugar in the blood brings various harm. It blocks arteries. The blockage starts from the extreme points of circulation which are hardest to reach like finger tips and toes and you find them getting numb. In advance stage, sugar also turns tissues very acidic, which promotes bacteria growth in wounds in fingers and toes. This eventually leads to gangrene and amputation, therefore crippling the patient.  If the blood sugar soars too high, severe stomach ache comes and the patient can go into a coma like the case of my mum. This brought the need for a breathing tube to be inserted into her throat for a good two weeks. As she could not be turned, bed sores came with prolonged bed contact that blocked all blood from going to the buttock and tissues there started to rot. The cavities were as deep as a rice bowl for an adult! For this reason, she couldn't sit up without pain. After 3 years of careful cleaning, her tissues finally grew back but by then, my mum's lower limbs had already stiffened because of her bed ridden condition. She could not bend her legs to sit up and had to lie in bed all the time, and became permanently confined to bed! In bed, she needed frequent turning and a fulltime maid to do that. Immobility also caused severe constipation no matter how much of water she drank or whatever to soften the stool, and each passing of motion was accompanied by loud screams, as hardened motion cut into the anus tissues and got stuck.

In some other cases, filtering organs like the kidneys are also overworked and blocked by excessive sugar, leading to kidney failure. Eventually, a person will have to undergo 3 to 4 hours of dialysis to clean the blood. While sugar is removed through dialysis, nutrients are also drained and this weakens the body's immune system. People undergoing dialysis are easily sick for this reason. It also explains why dialysis cannot be done round the clock. In between dialysis, excess blood sugar accumulates to do further damage to tissues. Pain and pain and suffering ensue, and still no sign of getting better. You will only see the conditions worsen, not to mention having to bear the almost unaffordable cost of dialysis. In Malaysia, it costs about RM5,000 a month. Many borrowed and families go bankrupt!

 Now you see how diabetes destroys lives! To effective avoid all the above, my experience is as follows:

Control blood sugar round the clock - Invest in a battery operated glucometer so that blood sugar can be measured an hour after every meal and everyday. My mum used to listen to the doctor and paid only a monthly visit to check her blood sugar. This proved to be stupid because blood sugar that can destroy tissues should be tested an hour after each meal, not just early morning to gauge the amount of excess sugar in the blood. Excess sugar rots the body each minute, each hour before the next visit to see a doctor. Whenever you see the blood sugar go too high, it is time to see the doctor again or drink cucumber juice (read natural diabetes cure)

My mum thought that it was good enough for her blood sugar to stay around 9 to 11 mml but she still went through with gangrene and amputation. Effective control of blood sugar should be around 7 mml an hour after each meal. Fasting blood sugar should be around 4.5mml. It is no use just measuring the fasting sugar in the morning, as the excess sugar is present all the time in blood during the day time, and causing damage round the clock. Measure an hour after every meal. Do not be afraid of pain as the glucometer is made to make a shallow prick just to extract a drop of blood, and pain is reduced by numbed fingertips in many diabetics.

Many doctors often wrongly advise patients not to eat this or that, especially food containing simple sugar and complex carbohydrate ie. starchy food such as rice and bread. This is not a good advice as carbohydrate is the main source of energy supply for the body. It should only be taken less because it turns into glycogen faster than other food like protein.  But the truth according to Dr. Bruce Miller, a western doctor and a nutritionist, even 30% of protein will eventually turn into glycogen as energy for body cells. If we abstain from energy rich food altogether, we will end up weak always. No matter how you diet or abstain, it isn't effective, as according to Dr.Bruce Miller, the root cause of Type II Diabetes is fat coating around cells that blocks insulin and glycogen from entering tissues to supply energy to the body. Western science thinks that there is not enough insulin, but this is mostly wrong. One can take a look at the timing for Type II diabetes which occurs when a person age and gain weight. Fat is the culprit as the aging liver cannot emulsify body fat effectively!  This causes fat to coat around cells, leading to an artificial and temporary condition called ‘insulin resistance’, where the fat around cells blocks cells from receiving insulin and glycogen to be used as energy. Glycogen which is unable to enter cells therefore circulates in blood and passes out as sugar in urine. Diabetics are actually starved and become extremely tired because whatever they eat cannot be used as energy but passed out in the urine! The best you can do is to eat half full and eat more meals. This reduces the influx of sugar into the blood. By this, you remain strong, and can eat any kind of food actually. There is no use avoiding starch as it is the main supply of energy to our bodies. Of course, it is good for anyone to avoid fat and simple sugar.  Eat a balanced meal of carbohydrate and protein will do. Diabetics also do not have to be confined to tasteless food such as salt. It can be taken but not too much as it increases the stickiness of the already thickened blood.


What is the effective cure for diabetes?

Most western drugs for managing diabetes actually pumps in more insulin that makes a person hungry, eats more, and gets fatter, and more body fat causes diabetes to get worse over the years! You can do some quick search on internet on the effect of excess insulin and the function of glucophage and dianil that increase insulin; where in reality, there is no shortage of insulin in Type II diabetes, but just insulin resistance caused by fat around tissues!  After knowing the truth, you may consider other forms of better sugar control and when you succeed, you may not take western medicines at all. Read on for the root cures.

The answer is to remove fat coating the body cells. Eat one raw green cucumber without skin or drink a cup of green cucumber juice boiled for 10 minutes from two green cucumbers, preferably organic cucumber, after each meal to dissolve fat in cells and tissues. (read natural diabetes cure)Measure your blood sugar after an hour and you will see astonishing reduction in the blood sugar reading!

To loose fat faster, take the Shaklee brand of DTX Complex which allows the liver to increase the rate of emulsification of fat from the body. You may lose a kg or so after a few weeks. It works to cleanse the liver and is not a slimming pill.  It also has no known side effect as it contains mostly dandelion and other herbs that God has given on earth for liver cleansing. It also helps those who have chronic constipation. Take one tablet of DTX Complex after each meal, three times a day. My mum once lost 30 lbs of weight after surgery and her diabetes that she had for years disappeared altogether! However, she did not know of the above to sustain her weight control and regained her lost weight soon. Had she known that, she might still be alive today. This is a powerful testimony of how fat causes diabetes in older people.

May God bless your health in this reading.